Remove leap kit on thebridge way too overpowered

Please remove the leap kit on bridge

Its way too overpowered since you can just fly across the entire map. It ruins the whole point of the bridge and gives you a free win. Now I cant play the game because Ill either easily win or my opponent will easily win

I agree It’s just not fun

ive fought a couple people with it and its bloody annoying, they just skip u and u cant do anything abt it

Maybe nerf it?

You can counter the leap with snowballs and arrows and hits


And using blocks. If they leap from a distance towards u, blok them in the face with bloks :beedance:

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The problem with the leap is side rushing which if they land on your base it’s pretty much game over.

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i mean yeah its easy if they do it from quite a distance but the problem is when they use it close range, u prolly wont even have enough reaction time to switch.

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i just keep winning by the leap and i feel bad for my rival who didn’t choose the leap

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Ye the bridge is horribly balanced, having an item that can jump half of the bridge just doesn’t make sense.

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I hate the leap because it just makes people that spam blocks and avoid fights to do just that but even easier. I’ve had so many games were people spam blocks and then when I try to actually fight them, they just leap past and score.


snowball kit

Personally I love the leap kit but it’s very easy to counter a leap with a bow or snowballs so I think leap should stay.

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I personally say leap kit is more balanced as of the current updates made. Removing it just makes hive’s effort on adding it feel unappreciated considering coding and designing the mechanics can be tasking behind the scene.

Bump because leap its just unfair and way to dumb…you can skip a whole fight (which most leap users do because they are bad)

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Whilst we are always looking at feedback, as it currently stands, we do not plan to remove the leap.

The results of the player survey that was sent out after the leap was rebalanced show that a large majority of our players think positively of it.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t tweak it, and we are always monitoring feedback, as I mentioned.


I also have to point out that it just got “fixed” in the latest changes for the bridge. The leap kit should now only take you about a quarter/halfway across the map.

And as Splod3r said above, they don’t plan to remove it and I completely agree with it.

Even if it was removed, what kit would be used in its place?

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The leap has already been highly nerfed and can be countered by many ways

  • Catching up to your opponent with your leap
  • Hitting him mid-air to cancel the effect

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