Remove Innocent Killing In MM

I strongly believe that the feature where an innocent can kill another innocent/sheriff with a bow should be removed. It is very annoying when you are trying to grind levels when someone shoots you. I think that if you shoot someone who is an innocent/sheriff, it should kill you- Not them as well. Innocents are the good guys! Not the murderers!

Interesting idea, and understandable ! But there can be also the fact that can teach other players to be carefull and not run anywhere like crazy. Don’t run toward me or from behind me when I try to aim the murderer grrr ! :stuck_out_tongue:

And also, that can also teach them to really be active and get coins, and show the bow to proove their innocence. How many times I got confused when someone was running in front of me, it’s so frightning, so what I do ? By reflex, I shoot. And everytime I’m saying “Well, next time don’t be suspicious !” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just feel like the other, innocent, players shouldn’t have to suffer from someone else’s error.