Remove graveyard

When you die on murder mystery you go to a graveyard, I feel like they should remove it though. You are only there for a few second unless you are waiting for friends to die or something along those lines, you could always be a spectator instead. “But then you would tell your friends who the killer is,” you would know anyways because you are there for a second or two after dying and can spectate, so ghosting wouldn’t be increased. Also, they could make it when you die you could be given blindness for a few seconds more instead. Idk how much it cost to keep it there but it will make the Hive save some money to put into different things. It has no uses besides a place for those NPCs that do the same thing as the items in your hotbar do.

Pretty good idea, if not that, they could add some mini-games or anything else so you wont die from how borning it is.

By mini games i mean some stupid little things like puzzles or smth idk :sweat_smile:


Gonna bump this since mm map update is coming soon.
No purpose, not really used, doesn’t even seem made for it, it looks like they took the first version of graveyard on ghost invasion and threw it in mm.

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