Remove fire charges

Okay, have you ever went to mid, opened a mystery chest, and somehow picked up fire charges instead of the special item you wanted when your inventory only had room for 1 more item? When I find fire charges, I never find myself using them at all because we already have fire aspect swords and fire trail spells which are much more useful than fire charges. I do think a new fire-based item should be added in place of fire charges (I’ll leave a link to my idea for a new fire item) because fire charges just set blocks on fire. There is already a less risky way of setting a player on fire (Fire aspect swords), and an easy way to set players on fire while running away (Fire trail spell). Because of this, not many people use fire charges at all. So, I think fire charges should be removed and replaced with a better item instead.

My idea for a new fire item

There’s no need to remove an item just because it won’t fit in your inventory, I find fire charges to be effective in blocking paths or when trapping people, simply just drop something in your hotbar to make room, and what new item has fire? Unless they would add a flame bow which I highly doubt, or fire tnt.


Well, you could very easily just put out the fire that the person who used a fire charge set off. Plus, fire trail spells do the trick better than fire charges.

That’s basically saying a diamond sword is better than Iron, ofc the trail is better its just fire charges(multiple) placed behind you, which they can also put out very easily


Yeah, and thats why I never use fire charges. There’s already a more effective method to setting players behind you on fire.

Still doesn’t hurt to have them in the game


Getting fire charges from mystery chests is like getting the previous useless diamond tools from the diamond ores. Your inventory gets pretty cluttered in this game, so having to collect fire charges instead of a better item only adds to the clutter in your inventory.

Your experiences are very different to mine then still a valid point

Honestly they should make fire charges throwable, rn they are barely used (I played 400 games) and are pretty useless imo.


the only time I use them is to clear my inventory from armor

There about as useless as the respiration helmet

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I just use it if I don’t have a diamond to scare people off, if they see you with enchanted armour they tend to run away lmao

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i use them when i need the armer. They should just change the enchantment

To what might you suggest they make it as?


Ooo thorns I like the sound of that, completely forgot it was even an enchantment

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fire charge is a “noob” item imo because ive only seen weaker players use it and have never used it myself

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It would be useful against absorption hearts