Removal of Nametags in Survival Games

I would like to suggest the removal of nametagsin the gamemode Survival Games, particularly.

Why? I’ve been accused of teaming/targetting to the point where I’d want to suggest this. Yes, I know it’s a personal problem but nametags play a huge part in activating a player’s natural instinct of picking out stronger opponents to fight against based on their names… Because of that, it’d be better… for me, at least, if nametags were hidden and only districts were shown. The removal of nametags will dramatically justify third-partying as an actual thing in battle royale. Not only that, a player’s gear would be taken into consideration more than the name in choosing to fight someone.

It’s only a coincidence that a player gets 1v2’d or perhaps 2v4’d, because they had better gear. I don’t think teaming works that way. I know that such a change will be controversial but please take note that all battle royales are based on our one and only lord, RNG.

Thank you,
mochastella 「uwu」

This is what the creator rank’s command /nickname is for, although I do think the requirements for that rank are way too high. Maybe it should be reduced to something lower, like 1k views in days after uploading and 30 viewers in your stream.


But this will get reporting hackers impossible…


What I have said above
but yeah that too

I agree with @Ptitjoueur123 about the fact that if this were implemented, reporting hackers would be next to impossible. I think that the best thing you can do when accused falsely is just to ignore it.

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