Rejection Message for Party Invites

Hello! So when you get a party invite, you can choose to accept, deny or ignore. However, when you deny an invite you aren’t able to say why. So, why not have the option to send a message with your denial? Here are some examples:

“Sorry, I’m afk”
“Sorry, I’m playing with someone else”
“Sorry, I’d rather play solo right now”
“Sorry, I don’t want to play anything at the moment”
“Sorry, I don’t want to play with you”

That’s a really cool idea! Be sure to vote for your own suggestion. :wink:

He already did that, do you just copy paste the message?


how can you say that if you are afk?



Good idea, although “Sorry, I don’t want to play with you” sounds sorta savage :P

I’d imagine that these reasons would all be like, preset, and you wouldn’t be able to make your custom ones


Best suggestion ever, support.

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true point
that would be a big lie

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it would be mainly for if you’re about to go afk or are already semi afk and arent paying much attention

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“Well you see, I’d rather do something else at the current time. Playing with you is not something I would like to do right now. I sincerely apologize.”


Great idea! Could be extra helpful to console players (cuz slower typing) to help not seem rude for just straight up rejecting a party invite if they don’t wanna spend the time to chat a message

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maybe im going to afk is what gyrrabird meant

“I dont what to play with you because u keep on targeting me which is so unnecessary and stupid and anybody that does that deserves to not play with me”


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I was just about to make this suggestion, good thing the search function exists.

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its still really annoying having to find the person who inved you why u cant play

this is a cool idea
I will vote for it

i have one ¨ sorry i cant play at the moment im a busy bee¨

sorry because you are insert slur, yeh they’ll need a filter

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They would be pre programmed responses, not customisable.


i was showing one of the things that someone might say but Gyrabid has cleared it up for me

perhaps it shouldn’t have I don’t want to play with you