Redesign the size of the Captain Hat

I suggest to make a Re-Size of the Captains hat

I know the idea it’s to make it Striking but the Captain Hat size it’s exaggeratedly Big, To the point where it looks a bit bad, it would look much better if it was a pixel or 2 larger than the player’s head, not 4 pixels larger, even if you look at it at a specific angle it looks like a cloud Due to its large size
The other hats fit perfectly, but the Captain hat doesn’t match with a “Normal head” :joy: :aggressive_laughter:

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It was basically the only reason I bought the pack but, then its huge!! Made me so sad well it wasn’t the only reason but, still a big reason. Pleaseeee change it to be smallerrrr!!!

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haven’t seen it but it sounds like it would look cool lol

Yes! When I put the hat on it’s large like HUGE it looks like I’m wearing a giants hat Mabey just make it a tad smaller :slight_smile:

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Ig its kind of the gimic of the hat and the idea they had but i agree it looks quite big!

i love how big the hat is, i disagree with this. i feel like if you don’t like how it looks, don’t use it.