Red Light, Green Light in DeathRun

A new deathrun map but it’s red light green light from the Sonic minigames game.

As you know in the Sonic update, in the minigames there was a game called ‘Red Light, Green Light’. If there was a new map for DeathRun and they had red light green light for it, here’s how it’ll work:
Red Light:
Leaping at the same time the lights go red, will kill you.
Roles: Death - A death in deathrun on this red light green light map can still go to another trap as the lights are red, remember that if the lights go red, it’s only the runners that will die
(Usually when you’re a death, there’s that one runner who always gets away from you because of their leap)
How it will work:

  • Red lights appear for 5 seconds after there’s a green light for 10 seconds.
  • There’s traffic lights every checkpoint or two (upto the Staff/developers and what they think is best for the community.
    〡The new sky wars maps have some things that were in the Hive sonic update, like the slabs, the fences, they all come from the Hive sonic update. As red light green light was sort of similar to Death Run, it’ll be cool for the Hive to add a ‘Red Light, green light’ deathrun map (consider voting for those who are more into speedrunning, and not pvp) :smiley:

When I saw the title, I got another idea. Maybe the deaths could activate the lights. There would be like a 5-10 second cooldown between being able to activate the lights and if u don’t activate the red lights for like 10 seconds after ur able to, the game will automatically make the lights red, if that makes sense

Ehh, I don’t think this works for deathrun. It adds an almost rng-like element to a game about optimizing runs


they could make it into a trap

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O ye

I get what you mean… hmmm

even just red light green light but with leaps, and it’s a map in the DeathRun lobbies, that would be awesome!

that’s a good idea, all these suggestions come with this one so hopefully staff consider it :smiley:

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