Rechargable innocent shots

The innocent should get another shot every 10 coins collected

A problem with MM I believe is that, if you are innocent and you miss your shot for the rest of the game you are like a wandering trader going across the map expecting to not be killed by the murderer with nothing else to do.

I have this idea: as always, if you collect 10 coins you get a shot, once you throw it (and miss) the bow and arrow will dissapear (You could be accused again) but if you collect 10 coins more you’ll get another shot and so on and so on.

Getting 20 coins does not happen everytime and 30 is rarely seen, so you won’t get a lot of shots anyway

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I feel like this is a really good idea, though perhaps make it so IF you miss the shot, then you will get another shot when you collect 10 more coins,

If you end up hitting an innocent, keep it so you get killed by killing an innocent player, Otherwise, this is rather unfair for those who are trying to play, and get killed by someone who doesn’t know who the murderer is. If the person with the bow is shooting the innocent player, and the innocent player dies, the person who shoots the bow should continue to perish along with the innocent victim.

( I know the second bit is already added to the game)


Yeah, Maybe I was unclear but my suggestion is just to change the “one shot for the whole game” thing, then, leave everything else as it is


Yeah, it was a little unclear, but glad you replied back to clarify it :slight_smile:

Maybe make it go like 10 coins you get an arrow, 20 coins same thing, then 40, than 80, than 160 so a Max of 5 shots per game and most people won’t crack 2

Yes I agree with all of the above posts. Get others to vote on this! :wink: