Ranks buying option

put ranks in the Minecraft market place(bedrock)

Please put ranks in the Minecraft market place for bedrock so people like me on console can purchase it with a Xbox giftcard, psn giftcard, etc

There’s already a rank called “Hive +”


You can

Redeem ur card, purchase the minecoins then log onto hive and buy what you want

Hive things aren’t available outside hive server I don’t think


As said, the Hive+ rank is certainly purchasable on console. Head into the hub and click on the large green ‘+’ NPC. Alternatively, you can locate to the options menu, ‘Hive Store’ and simply click on the Hive+ icon there.
Bare in mind that this is a lifetime, one-time purchase.
As well as supporting the Hive, you gain all the perks below.
Hive+ perks:
~ Double Party Slots (4 > 8)
~ Double Friend Slots (75 > 150)
~ Double Daily Quests (4 > 8)
~ Double Map Votes (1 > 2)
~ +50% XP Boost
~ 6 games, 90 mins CS Limits
~ Cosmetics (Costume > Royal Melon costume, Hub Titles > ‘The OG’ & ‘The Supporter’ & ‘The VIBee’, Avatars > Pig, frog, duck, cow)
~ Hive+ role in-game & Discord
~ Exclusive text/voice channels on Discord
Coming Soon:
~ Ability to create a swarm