Ranked Skywars for equality

Since I’m not a pc player I’m not 100% sure but according to some of my friends there is a setting that allows them to see what device you play on and if you turn it off platform based matchmaking doesn’t work. You can tell who is controller/pc by their play style especially if people are jump bridging because that’s not possible on mobile


The hive should place those people into non-touch queues by default, especially if a ranked mode is added


I agree that people without device match on should only be put in controller or pc queues because otherwise it’s easy for them to abuse the system but that’s a whole other issue entirely. It still doesn’t change the fact that ranked matches of any sort encourage more toxicity


I think as a former mobile play that yes it would be a bit unfair to have mobile players be get bodied by console and PC but a good compromise is to have Ranked but also have console mobile and PC lobbies for ranked and all game types so its fair for everybody but also have all platforms so you can play as a mobile with your console friends. I think it could work


You wouldn’t need to play ranked it would probably be optional.

Yeah I feel like adding ranked skywars would add more competition to the game, my win/lose ratio is about 2 wins out of 3 games. I either can combo someone to oblivion or get thrown off the map in a 20 hit combo by someone else. I feel like ranked skywars would make everything more fair and the games more fun. I feel like the ranks should be determined by win/lose ratio and kill/death ratio. More win/lose ratio because players that camp and Nemo people off ledges all the time would go up in ranks too quickly and kinda unfairly. A ranked mode would also help players get better at the game because of how they would be put into games with players of their own level. The main problem I can see with this is how much time it would take to get matched, so maybe the ranked modes would have less players each round. Another problem would be players on different platforms, would it be fair to put a mobile player against someone on windows 10 Minecraft? Though I guess the mobile players would be put with people at their skill level so it might be fair, but it might still be a problem. Though I do think adding a ranked mode would be much better for leader board grinding and players that just want to go higher on the leader boards. Good idea I hope it gets implemented.


that’s what i ment lol. He said it differently. Also welcome to the forums :grin: :tada:


Thanks, glad to be here.

I think rankings would be cool idea, even better could be something in the style rocket league does it. If you cant find a match your rank in a few seconds it slowly escalates up to higher ranking people till you get in a match. Also not showing the ranks and keeping it at the point were its barely a difference would be good for toxicity.

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I would be very, Very, VERY low in the ranks!

Would it be based of level or stats

I think stats, as level can be modified via boosts and stuff.

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By stats I would make it a death to kills ratio because some people just camp and win.

no kdr sucks i literally have like 2 kdr even though i beat people with like 7 kdr

yeah but when what do we base it on?
we could do ELO

base it on kills but not kdr actually idek

If we base it off of kills it now comes down to a matter of who play Minecraft too much

W/L ratio?

What about seasonal kill death rate

Like every month or two the score resets

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Everyone deserves a say no matter what platform they play on.