Raid (Minigame idea)


Raid is a minigame where a team has to raid a base and kill the leader while the other has to protect him

More information:

This minigame consists in two teams fighting each other, except each team has different objectives.
Team 1 (raiders): they have to work together and work strategies to kill the leader as a team
Team 2 (defenders): this team is the opposite of Team 1, they will have to protect the leader at all costs
Ps: the leader is a player that will be chosen randomly.

Each team has its own and unique classes to choose from.

Warrior: Has a bow but very a very small amount of arrows and has a iron sword.
Beserker: Can destroy fortifications faster but has low speed.
Goblin: Has a high movement speed but does very little damage.

Guard: Has very high health and deals 3 of damage each 4 seconds.
Archer: Has a bow and a lot of arrows, also has a little dagger but doesn’t deal much damage.
Spotter: Reveals the enemy position in a 15 blocks radius when its ability is used. Deals 2 damage per hit.
Leader: This class is chosen randomly, deals 5 of damage per hit, however your health is slightly lower than normal (like 2 hearts less than normal).

cool! i feel like the defenders are a little too op though.

I like the idea, but would there be a time limit?

yes, with a 13 minutes max

Okay. I think this is like Capture the Flag, except it’s a player that you have to defend, and there are two teams that have different objectives with different kits. I like the idea, I would just decrease the time limit to about 10 minutes - 8 minutes. But, how do the defenders win?

that’s a good question, they win when the raiders lose all their lives. After 3 minutes a live counter will appear in the screen, each raider death is -1 life, when the counter reaches 0 the defenders win the game.

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That actually makes it unique from Capture the Flag. I have a feeling though that it’s not really going to be fun as the leader, and will be either a running simulator, or a hiding simulator for the leader. I have a feeling that having a live counter the whole time though would probably make the game more fast-paced. I do like the idea of having lives for the defenders, but when the time limit runs out, I feel like it’s best if the defenders win. Although, that might increase camping.

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i think its better to consider a tie when the time runs out, however that might be bad since the last raider can just hide and ruin the match for the defenders

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Tbh, it’s probably best if there isn’t a time limit.

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