Rabbit pet during Easter

During the week of Easter a Rabbit will spawn in the hub. If you feed the Rabbit 1 Carrot for 5 consecutive days you will receive the Rabbit as a pet!

How will I find 5 carrots?

You will visit this farm. A farmer NPC dressed up as the Easter Bunny will give you a quest daily to collect 3 Easter eggs around the hub. As a reward for finding 3 eggs he will reward you with 1 carrot!
(The train station has currently replaced the farm, but it should be back soon)

The location of these eggs will be randomized everyday for each player. To prevent people from feeling frustrated that they cannot find their eggs, the eggs should only spawn inside or around this village area.

I know it may seem a little early for Easter suggestions, but The Hive team develops things weeks/months in advance ofc. So I wanted to put this suggestion out now.


i like this idea, however it seems kinda boring to do the same thing every day to get a carrot

there should be different quests every day (not hard ones)

In the first place tho, 5 consecutive days seems like it would be annoying for just a rabbit costume. I think it should be a fun giant quest like the Christmas quest with the apples and coal mine.

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I guess 3 days would be better yeah. Also I don’t think the Rabbit pet should just be a generic Minecraft Rabbit. It should be a custom model with a bag of colourful Easter eggs on its back. Sort of like this (I found on Google)