/queue shortcut command

This is a Global Suggestion

Idea : Add /q shortcut command for /queue.

More info :
Today I suggest to add a new shortcut for /queue : /q.
/queue is useful when stuck on a game, or switching lobbies and games easily. I think typing /q instead of /queue would be easier and quicker.

This is not meant to be used in HUB, but should be used for switching from GAMES to ANOTHER GAMES. /hub exists for a reason.

Tell me what do you think in the comments below ! If you agree with this idea please vote on it so it can hopefully be implemented in the future !

  • I agree with this
  • Nah

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it would be helpful for mobile players.


Hell I love it. But it would also be nice if you could queue but automatically puts you in new lobbies when your done with a game.


Tbh it’s not really that big of a problem on mobile but the easier the better of course

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I wouldn’t agree, using using the compass in the lobby is just as easy.

if you’re in a party, and you want to be switching from solos, duos and squads, it’s easier to do /queue WARS, or WARS-DUOS etc…

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@Zaphn Nah when I am stuck in a game I don’t want to go to the lobby, then go to a DR Game. This is just too complicated.

I have edited the thread, so it’s clearly saying that it’s not meant to be used instead of the compass in the hub.

This seems smart. i think /f is a thing and /p is a thing, so make /q a thing


mega bunp

@Hlzyzptlk this has been added (also before y’all get mad at me, when an admin locks a topic, it gets bumped)

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Probably easier to flag the topic instead of tagging a staff member in the future as it will likely get dealt with quicker. :slight_smile:


really? Doesn’t that make a false flag?

It would probably get locked instead of taken down like a flag, right?

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-or instead, send them a invite to the thread, which is what I do most of the times when I feel like a thread needs to be closed

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