Quests Being Unique To Every Player

Idea - Making it so that quests are not the same to every player

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Ever experienced going for a certain quest, but always failing no matter what? Perhaps of personal skill, unfortunate, or the most common, other players are also aiming for it, which makes the quest success rate very low.

For instance, Open Cows in SG/Open Supply Drops- 30 Points ----> Now people will spread out evenly finding it, instead of going on a normal Survival Game. That’s whats making it difficult…

Another, Be Top 3 In Death Run/Be Top 1 In Death Run - With this much pressure to every player going for it, The success rate is soooooooooooooo itzy bitzy tiny.


Players can accomplish quests a bit easier now since it will be randomized for each and every player going online.


Players who play together may not accomplish the same quests at the same time, since it will be randomized.

good idea! dont forget to vote on your own post!

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But I like completing quests with friends


Me and my brother do quests together as a family this will make it not happen


I’ve never had issues with people sniping my quest criteria. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even if it was harder to complete quests due to people going for the same quest, it’s not supposed to be easy, and better players will succeed more. Not saying you’re bad.


that’s an indirect roast right there

I’m sorry; What I meant was that different players have different skillsets, so unless you think all the quests are hard, you aren’t bad


guess what?my first quest is collecting 43 emeralds in tw trios it makes me mad