Quests being more shown

I say whenever we have a ongoing quest it should be shown in the top right or left of our screen and then shown when complete because mine gets lost in the chat all the time and I never truly know when i’m done or not.

I just feel as if it may be easier for the ones who forget they have ongoing quests!

Yes please. I would love to see my current quest! Congrats on a great topic and Welcome to the forums rachel! :smile:
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You can always do /quest, I never have a problem with this. Maybe I play an extra game, or forget which quest I’m doing, but that doesn’t feel like enough of a reason to sacrifice screen space. Maybe if this was togglable?


Sure thats possible but what about newer players or some already existing players that didn’t know this command existed?


I didn’t even know about that command. I just feel like whenever you start a quest it could show up in the top corner. So it’s kinda toggleable whenever you start a quest.


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