Quest Store Bugs

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
Main hub,Quest Store,Asia Server

What is the bug?
I purchased two costumes due to a glitch.
Sandstorm was successfully purchased, but
I had 32792 QP before purchasing the costumes.
After the purchase, I had 31792QP.
I was paid 1000QP.
Is it possible to return the 500 QP?
The image below shows the same message sent twice in Japanese.

[Redemption of Sandstorm has been completed!]

[Redemption of Sandstorm has been completed!]

Device(s) & Version
Nintendo Switch, 1.19.81

Screenshots and/or video:

Hey there,

Sorry to hear about this!

If you contact our support team, they’ll certainly be able to refund you your quest points!

You can contact them below: