Quest Master Menu Translation Bug

Affected Language:
Portuguese (Brazil)

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Quest Menu on the Quest Master NPC

Affected Text:
Como vai, sewwingraph! Temos algumas missōes interessantes para vocë. Qual vocë deseja realizae?

Suggested Text:
Olá, sewwingraph! Eu tenho algumas missões excelentes disponíveis para você. Qual você quer fazer?

Explaination of Issue
My suggested text is more accurate and is a better translation. The text in the game is off.


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Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion!

After discussions with our translators, we have decided to keep the current text as it is.

We felt that the current sentence uses a more informal and friendly tone, similar to the English sentence with “Como vai” translating to “Howdy” which is a casual greeting. The use of “missões” for “quests” also fits the context of the sentence better than “tarefas” which is a more general term for “tasks.” Finally, the use of “deseja realizae” for “want to do” fits the more casual tone of the sentence.

Have a great day!