Quest claimed xp booster not working

I am presuming this is global and not just me but you never know,This glitch happened in North America and Europe servers

The quest claimed booster does not work,If I claim it,thrn it is not in my booster tab in game lobbys,it is also not immidietly active as:Normally you would get 2 experience points per coin pickup in Murder Mystery,I have hive plus which adds 50% more experience which means I get 3 experience points per coin pickup,this checks out however,when I claimed the booster knowing that this glitch is there and presuming its immidietly active I go to Murder Mystery and test it,it would be 4 experience points per coin pickup,but it is still 3 experience points per coin pickup

More Info:I am on Xbox 1 and have Hive Plus which might screw with the booster,idk

Please fix this as this bug is very annoying as you waste a decent amount of quest points and I cannot quickly finish the Ltm Gamemode



Thank you for taking the time to submit this bug report.

This issue has been logged, and should be fixed in future updates.

But, for now you can use the /booster command in-game, as the emerald item doesn’t display boosters correctly.

Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face: