QP farming via in-game reporting exploit

EXPLOIT; Reporting the same user through the in-game reporting system after your first report on the user was accepted allows you to farm QP

If you report a user via the in-game reporting system and your report is accepted, you can report the user over and over as the system seems to auto-accept if your first report on them was manually accepted by a moderator, through this you are able to infinitely gain QP rewards as for some reason the system still rewards you even if you are reporting the same user from the same match.

To effectively reproduce this;

  1. Find a rule breaker, type /report or /recentreplays, select the relevant match (if you use /recentreplays), and report the rule breaker for the relevant reason.

  2. Wait 24-48 hours and DO NOT queue into any other games or matches.

  3. After 24-48 hours have passed, type /recentreplays, select the same match, and attempt to report the user again for the same reason you did the first time. If your first report on them was accepted, you will be able to submit another report on them. If your first report on them wasn’t accepted or hasn’t been reviewed yet, it will just say you have already reported the user.

  4. Once you can and have successfully reported the user again, wait 5-10 minutes and rejoin the server.

  5. Once back in the server, type /recentreplays and repeat, report them again for the same reason. You’ll notice it will submit again, it appears that once your first report on a user is manually accepted by a moderator, any further reports you make on them from that same match are auto accepted (however it takes 5-10 minutes to auto accept)

  6. After repeating this process 10-15 times, go to the mailbot, and you’ll notice you have been rewarded quest points.

This exploit exists on all regions and all platforms.

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