Putting my spawnpoint into a jail


Prevent people from blocking your spawnpoint

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I played my second game of Treasure War today and someone killed me, did a prison around my spawnpoint with end stone and waited a few minutes before breaking my treasure and killing me. It was on the map with highway roads. Why don’t we spawn near the shop ? How is this loophole allowed ? This is a serious problem that allows trolls to well, troll and maintain an unsporting behaviour. Even when I broke a bloc, I couldn’t place it on my spawnpoint so I was at his mercy. Please tell me that’s not somethin intended in this gamemode.

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I believe spawn killing in Treasure Wars is against the rules and is reportable. Also welcome to the forums! :smile:


As bubblez said, it is reportable so if this happens, don’t be afraid to report them for Spawn Killing.

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Oh, I had no idea! I’ll edit my reply as to not spread misinformation. Thanks! bigToastyEmoji


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There is already a radius around the areas that players spawn in where blocks cannot be placed, to prevent players from being trapped. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to stop this in its entirety, but please report anyone that’s doing this as it is indeed against the rules.

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