Put some “Sky” into Skywars

Skywars is a really fun game mode , dont get me wrong, but the only thing “sky” about it is the sky islands, but treasure wars has sky islands as well! I think that they should add some more sky theme to skywars, such as maybe a auto-bridger called a cloud hopper, but the “cloud stream” aka bridge disappears after a few seconds.

Also maybe birds that could fly around that you could click on to ride and fly around… its a stretch, ik, but skywars only feels like “wars” rn

Or maybe birds that you can shoot for xp XD idk, it WOULD be fun if there were birds that you could tame with an item from emerald or gold ore that you could fly, but could get shot down as well

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I like the idea but this should be moved to #suggestions and the Skywars category

Edit: Poor Mystery

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If you want to suggest something put it in #suggestions:skywars

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Edit: frick @Draconian7424 beat me to it

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Yes im still new i didnt realize that lol

Other than that I really like the disappearing cloud bridge idea

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Thx, also, i can only vote 10 ideas, is there a time when that restocks?

Yeah I think it’s every day

it resets daily

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I would love to see the birds but no, no no no no one rides the birds that just ruins it

Edit: the cloud hopper is also really cool

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The cloud hopper idea I do really like! It’s like crumbling cobblestone but better!

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Ok Thanks!

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Cough sky sharks cough

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you realize you would be making a new game right? that wouldnt be sky wars anymore, as sky wars is what is on many servers with the same name (this sounds really confusing i know)

That’s not true at all, they’re basically suggesting a cross between crumbling cobblestone and an auto bridger

And birds


Ok, thats kinda like saying Skywars on Hypixel and The HIVE and CubeCraft and anywhere else is exactly the same! It isnt, it can have its own twists and functions, cant it?

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yeah but it sounds like you want to make a new game

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Maybe Iron should drop the auto bridger.

Depends on the length of the auto bridge

Probably not more than 16 blocks

Maybe get them from chests/gold, bc iron is a supply crate
Maybe 32 and 16 block long ones, and no reusing them, like in TW