Preview Before Update


[Preview Before Update]

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Hiya Everybody,

Hope this suggestion is better than the previous one

Alright we all saw the minecraft videos (mob vote) so I thought that the Hive can do the same like Making videos explaining what the next update might be I can help not only Me any forumer can help. You can also vote for it.

Hope this is a great idea byee…

When treasure wars was updated, they put out a preview called, surprisingly, “PREVIEW”. This is so players could give thoughts and opinions on upcoming features. I don’t know if this will be a permanent thing that hive does, but I imagine it will.


i think it should only be previewed if the update changes a game meta a lot.


i mean a video could be cool but i dont think voting would be a good idea. like we can already make suggestion and stuff so meh


I think the hive would have a somewhat difficult time even making concepts for some stuff.


I mean just like mob vote or biome vote they could do the same idea but with updates lets say the possible next updates are:

Mixed Arcade
Adding a new Game

Just make a small preview explaining each one, {​​ I didn’t say make Pixelated Ed and Jolly and Clank}​​

Votess will run for a month Umm… Let’s say Mixed arcade won

You Guys can work on it until next year

To come up with an idea for an update and figure out how to share it is half of the work, why shouldn’t Hive just add all of their best ideas slowly, instead of splitting their community apart and adding features that are useless, like the glow squid.

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