Prestiging in CS

I think in custom servers you can prestige so it’ll give you the option to inv the players you want to see it than just your party being full and friends can’t join

I get your idea, but you didn’t explain it very well so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Can you give more information?

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Like I’m saying you should be able to prestige in your custom server so the people who you want to invite when your p is full the other people who want to see it and aren’t in your p they can still be in same lobby and see it too

So you want to be able to invite people who aren’t in your party? You can already do that. Also what does this have to do with prestiging?

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Oh someone told me you couldn’t do it in a cs , I’ll try to see cuz im almost prestige 5 in MurderMystery, I meant like if you were wanting more people and your p is already full and you wanted them to see your prestige or they wanted to see it

When there is more than 8 people who were planning to come see your prestige and it was full you could do a cs instead so all can see it up to 16 in lobby

Alright I don’t wanna be rude but can you please use punctuation? It’s hard to understand what you’re saying

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Yeah sure I just kinda rushed

Apparently, you’re not allowed to prestige in Custom Servers.

This suggestion wants to add the prestiging function to Custom Servers so their friends can see it. The reason why is so they don’t have to rush clicking buttons when the game’s timer is starting the game.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok thank you

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What do you mean?

i thoughtyou couldnt level up at all anyway in cs cus of you being able to change rules and yea


Imagine if you’re already level 100.
All you want to do is to prestige.

You don’t even gain any XP.


It would be kinda unfair with ^^^^^^ and i mean its a very small change which somebody wants JUST to show off

How would this be unfair? It doesn’t seem to change any rule either. I mean, all you’re doing is staying inside the lobby.

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i lost 10 braincells reading this


In cs you change the rules also what do you mean by just being in a lobby cus you need to actually play to lvl up idk?

Okay let me break this down even further.

The original poster wants to use the Prestige feature in CS TW lobbies. Just like how you can use the locker in a CS TW lobby.

This person is ALREADY at Level 100.
He CAN’T gain any experience or statistics.

He just wants to prestige from Level 100 to Prestige 1 Level 1


reading the post, or BlockbyBlock’s replies?

would be cool I love seeing my friends get prestige’s when they’ve played for a month or so while I have been playing for 2 years and am at the 60s :smiling_face_with_tear:

Woaah, dont disrespect BlockyBlock, he’s a cool dude :sunglasses:

I have those days where a sentence, paragraph or even a whole novel just stopped “working” for me. :muscle:

To be fair, the original post is quite hard to understand at first


Soooooooooooo you have to press a button to prestige or do you just lvl up during a game and prestige??? I is so confused!!! This must probably be the most confusing post ever!!! :dizzy: :dizzy: