Prestiging in any gamemode gives extra rewards


Yes, I’m aware of the little icon next to your name when you prestige, but a cool cosmetic in the hub isn’t much, frankly. I think prestiging is a great sign of active playing from players on Hive, and should be rewarded a little more than it is. I think even small rewards, such as free xp booster, lots of quest points, and so on. If you wanted something a little more extreme, maybe mounts and pets or hats for certain prestiging (an example being a hat for prestige 1, another hat for prestige 2, a pet for 3, a mount for 4, and so on). However, I’m not saying that this needs to happen, but I do feel like prestige is basically just a cool little icon you can flex to your friends and then go about your day. Basically just a little something extra to congratulate the player for achieving such a goal. And this is a big reason me (along with many other people, including Cranexe) don’t prestige, because there’s basically no rewards and the icon doesn’t even look good until prestige 3 anyways, and grinding out 100 levels is a lot, even with Hive+ and exp boosters.

Cosmetic may be possible but pets and mounts no.(I heard that Hive won’t make mounts and pets free to claim.
Well but this sounds nice if there are some more rewards(but I think they may already have some? I can’t remember.


I think prestige hats is a wonderful idea, voted!


As Crystalline said, Hive won’t make any pets or mounts free. Hats for prestige has already been suggested.

A booster seems nice but it has to be a small boost. I think the QP given is fine rn. You get 500 atm so i think thats good enough.

This idea is cool but maybe needs a little revamping on your part.


You get 1000qp for reaching level 25 in blockparty. I don’t think bumping it up to something like 750qp will hurt anyone.