Prestige pets for MM/TW

**Idea: The idea is for every time you prestige you get a new pet and someone pls make concept art for this😭

Like a sloth detective for MM and a ghost shark for TW

Hive has said in the past that they will not add free pets :frowning:

No, they won’t make buyable pets free. There can be free pets, which there is already one, the rock pet. Same thing with other cosmetics, I believe.

well thks i just came to mind though I thought it would be cool

unfortunately the team has announced that they won’t be making pets free, same goes with mounts as well. It is possible since we’re starting to see hat rewards for leveling up in games (for example Block Party) that there could be hats awarded for prestiging in the future :slight_smile:


Thanks Katie lol

maybe the same with hats like the pirate hat for prestging in TW

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