PPGs (Public Party Groups)

Playing solo on the HIVE can be lonely sometimes :disappointed_relieved:. I do have some HIVE friends, but I met most of them exclusively in the HIVE and only played with them once before they basically disappeared and were never seen again :man_shrugging:. I think it would be fun if players who are new to the HIVE, have no close friends that play Minecraft, or can never seem to catch their friends online could start a public party group in the hub without having to specifically invite people by username. They can post their party invitations on a bulletin board and set the maximum number of players that can join. Invites are automatically erased when the host leaves the server so that people don’t try to join a party that is no longer active. This would be a great way to form better friendships and have a better playing experience :blush:.

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I think the Hive has a looking for party section on their discord for that purpose.


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If you don’t know, there is already a place on their discord server where you can invite players to party and play with you. I still voted for it considering it’s easier to do it in main game.

But not all players can access discord

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If a player wants to create a party quickly, then discord will greatly slow down this process, so I think this is a really good idea.