Possible custom skin on console Workaround

So earlier this month I posted a suggestion concerning custom skins on console. It was archived due to it firstly would put too much stress on the staff team and secondly would go against MC’s marketplace rules. I had been thinking and found a possible workaround.

So this workaround will work like this: The hive will name a topic for the skin pack e.g. Goth then the console community can possibly post a Skin that they like to either a separate channel on the discord or a specific forum post. The hive can take the skins and put them in a marketplace skinpack . The names of the skins can be similar to the user e.g. BxnjiBoo to benji .Then problem might be that a lot of players respond so maybe some of the more active community (forums an discord) get their skins maybe the hive team have to think of a better system .

Of course there is a good chance that this goes against The marketplace rules If so I’m will be happy if this post gets archived and it will prob be the last time i post on this topic.

To end this off i will put a poll on console players skins on the type of skin their custom skin is. You are allowed to vote on multiple. if are any pc or mobile players PLEASE DO NOT VOTE!

  • Goth
  • Flower based
  • hive based/bee
  • animal based
  • angel or demon
  • bear
  • teen
  • anime
  • Robot
  • water

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Thank you.

I mean, I don’t think the hive is going to put the effort to make a workaround for something that’s mojangs job to figure out