Portal Wars


Portal Wars is a game where 2 teams face each other, armed with portal bows and a knockback 2 wooden sword.

In portal wars, its a 5v5. Every member on each team has a portal bow and a knockback 2 wooden sword. The game length is 10 minutes.

Bow Concept

These are what the bows would look like in Portal Wars! Thanks to @Gr33nPuffin for making these amazing models!


If you are killed, you respawn. So how do you get eliminated? You eliminate players by getting them stuck in an endless loop of portals (if you have ever played a game with a portal gun, you will know what I mean.) You cannot get stuck in your own teams portals, but if you go into the opposing teams portals you will get locked in and eliminated (this only happens if you fall through the portal).

You get fast regen instead of armour. This regen is Regeneration IV for 2 seconds every 6 seconds. Gamertags are coloured and always on. As a player, you can only have 1 pair of portals at a time. You cannot remove other players portals, only your own and you do so by shooting it with your bow. These portals have a 3x3 block radius.



There are a multiple maps for Portal Wars! We have screenshots of each one. This is where you can find them.


Here are screenshots for the base map.

(Credits to CaptLeoBoss for helping!)
Here is two with the roof on:

Base was the first Portal Wars map!


Here are screenshots for the map “Turf”.

Massive credits to @JJ81611 for building this map!

A map based on Ground Wars!


These are some maps planned for Portal Wars!


Its… EXACTLY what you think it is.

A map with ALOT of flasks!

A tropical-themed map with a stream running through it!

A map based in quite a big prison? Are you the prisoners… or the guards…?

A map set in the same place as the DeathRun map “Synthwave”!

A map based off the facility in Portal!


Each side has a small castle where you respawn. No players/projectiles from the opposing team are allowed in your teams spawn room. Although, you get teleported out of it if you stay in there for more than 10 seconds.


This is the Portal Wars NPC, huge credits to @Bubblez705 for making it! Here it is:


This NPC would be drawing a portal bow, colour would alter.

Minecraft NPC

This was the original NPC built in Minecraft, but was replaced by a Blockbench version made by Bubblez.

(Credits to CaptLeoBoss for helping build)

NPC Skin!

Huge thanks to LoppyCraftYT for making this amazing portal wars NPC skin!



These are the unlocks you can get by levelling up in Portal Wars.:
Level 1: VROOM Portal Opening Sound
Level 3: Circle portal particles
Level 4:(Player) to infinity! Elimination Message
Level 6: Triangle portal particles
Level 7: WHIZZ Portal Opening Sound
Level 10:
Level 11:Square Portal Particles
Level 12: BANG Portal Opening Sound
Level 14:

Level 16: Trophy Portal Particles
Level 17: Niowmmm Portal Opening Sound
Level 20: NPC Costume +

Caps at Level 20.

Earning XP

Here are the ways you can earn XP in Portal Wars!
Kill a player- 1xp
Eliminate a player- 10xp
Collect a powerup- 5xp
Win a game- 50xp
Spare Powerup- 2xp (Each Powerup)


Here are screeshots of the hub:

The Maze would have some form of roof or walls but I was not sure on what to do for it.


In Portal Wars, Powerups would spawn around the map, outside of a 15 block radius of another powerup. They would start spawning after the first minute of the game. They respawn every 25 seconds. They would also be coloured according to the side they spawn on, and only that teams side can pick that colour powerup up. For example, an orange can pick up an orange powerup but can’t pick up a blue powerup and vice-versa.
We are welcome to powerup suggestions!

Here are some of the powerups:

Portal Bomb

The Portal Bomb is a powerup that is very similar to the design, animation and movement of the explosive egg in ground wars. The only difference in appearance is that it is coloured depending on the side it spawns on (as with all powerups).

When the portal bomb contacts with any surface it explodes, creating a big portal (5x5 blocks). This would make trapping people in a loop easier.

Portal Jammer

The Portal Jammer is a powerup that would look like a walkie-talkie- when picked up and activated, all enemy portals would be useless (you wouldn’t be able to travel through them) for the next 6 seconds.

Portal Vaccum

The Portal Vaccum is a powerup that would make the white colour of a portal bow go dark grey, and when you shoot your next portal it will act as a blackhole, sucking players in a 10-block radius towards it.

This is one-time use and would last 3 seconds. It would pull you 1.5b/s and when it goes, there will be a knockback effect to players in a 5-block radius.

Speed Portal

The Speed Portal is very simple- it is a one-time use portal that when you/members of your team go through it you receive a 2-second burst of speed II.

Fake Portal

In the words of JJ…

Thanks to @JJ81611 for this powerup!


This sector will include the quests you can do on Portal Wars. Here they are:
Kill 3 Players- 10QP
Activate a Powerup- 10QP
Eliminate 3 Players- 20QP
Kill 10 Players- 20QP
Eliminate 3 Players (One Round)- 30QP
Activate 5 Powerups (One Round)- 30QP


Along with Portal Wars, there would be a new (temporary?) hat. This would be the Companion Cube! This is something that has been in all Portal games so far!

Huge credits to Bubblez705 for making this!


Portal Wars would feature a matchmaking system called IBMM (Input Based Match-making) - basically, a person playing with a controller on their tablet would be put up against other controller players that may be on console.

An aspect exclusive to touchscreen players would be that their portals would be placeable. This would make it easier for a touch player to aim.

Update Log

Anything in the update log will be updates past its creation, at the time of making this there has been 26 edits so it starts at version 1.26.
•v1.26: Added sections and update log.
•v1.27: All Slanted text is now small.
•v1.28: Added Credits Section.
•v1.29: Added Bubblez705 and HAZARD6896 to credits and improved Update Log.
•v1.3 Added Portal Jammer, Portal Vaccum and Speed Portal to “Powerups”.
•v1.31 Added Bubblez705’s powerup and NPC concepts.
•v1.32 Changed Knockback 1 to Knockback 2.
•v1.33 Added “Quests” Tab.
•v1.34 Added JJ81611 to “Credits” Tab.
•v1.35 Added “Hat” Tab.
•v1.36 Changed “The Map” tab to “Maps” and added map “Turf”.
•v1.37 Added “Fake Portal” as a powerup.
•v1.38 Added “Earning XP” and changed “Levels” tab to “Levels/XP”.
•v1.39 Added “Input” tab.
•v1.4 Added “Planned” tab to “Maps” tab.
•v1.41 Made HubTitles Smaller.
•v1.42 JJ! JJ! Added the Gauge.
•v1.43 Removed Gauge.
•v1.44 Added a… thumbnail??
•v1.45 Changed “Input” tab to “Compatibility” tab.
•v1.46 Made subheadings big.
•v1.47 Added Gr33nPuffin to “Credits” and added his Portal Bow Concepts.
•v1.48 Added text bubbles to all credits.


Credits to all people who contributed to Portal Wars so far!

@Captbossalf - Creator/Builder
@CaptLeoBoss - Builder
@LoppycraftYT - Skin Creator
@HAZARD6896 - Contributor
@Bubblez705 - Contributor/Concept Creator
@JJ81611 - Builder/Contributor
@Gr33nPuffin - Concept Creator

Hope you like my idea! :smile:


Definitely bows over guns and also don’t forget to vote for your own post. Voted


I hit the limit sadly.


Ill also change it to bows.


The opposing team would not be allowed inside your teams spawn room. (this would stop spawn killing) It would probably be a 5v5, and portals would probably be a 4x4 of 3x3 block radius. This means you could quickly fire and trap someone. Thanks for your constructive criticism though, mind if I add your idea of regen to the post? (I will be adding in the stuff that I mentioned in this reply)


With some touches this could be good for the arcade - not an expert though on how this would be achieved.


Should I add concepts for the portal bow, the statue for the game, and what you get for each level?

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I will elaborate more first then-
The map would not be that high- I am not very sure on how to explain what Im thinking, but If you have ever played Splatoon, a map similar to that in some way- there are higher-up bits and there is ground level. The only difference is there would be 2 block wide bridges going across the top of these higher-up bits (probably about 4 ot 5 blocks above ground level.) I think you can hit people 4 blocks up?

With the corridors, it would not literally be a maze. It would not be a shut off room, and the corridors would be 3 blocks wide, so if you were higher-up you would be able to see players running through (unless if they were under bridges). There also would be a few open spaces in the corridors. The roof would be 9 blocks above ground level, but when there is a portal above and below you you get locked into it (you can’t get stuck in your own teams portals).

You would not be able to spawn camp as no projectiles are allowed inside the castle, but it is also a 1 way door so you can only go out- and you get flung out if you are not out after 10 seconds of respawning.

Also, you would be able to snipe people on the bottom, but should I have gamertags always on/ a glowing affect on all players?

I will add this to the post, any further questions please say so I can improve my post.

Thank you for the constructive critiscm though! :smiley:


I added portal bow concepts.


Added levels and NPC.

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This is very interesting. I can’t help but get CTF vibes from it, but perhaps with a little more definition on how the portals work, this could be a great idea! :slight_smile:


Ctf with portal bows?! That sounds amazing!!


Thank you!

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But… CTF with BOMBS AND FIREBALLS :scream:


Hey everyone, I was wondering If I should carry on adding concepts and content to this post, or to the tower post (Link: The Tower- Event )

  • The Tower
  • Portal Wars

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Portal Wars Won 100%, so I will carry on updating this.

(I’ll either do Map Concept or NPC Concept next)

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I made an incomplete map idea for this, although it is inaccurate to the post so there wont be a description of the map until full concept is released. In the meantime, I put a screenshot on of the map.


Ooooohhh that is looking sick!


Thanks! Full concept will be out sometime tomorrow (I may do a video)


Build is complete (-the roof, that will be added soon). NPC coming up next! Hope you like the build.