Podium update

it’s not really a needed update, but it would be a cool addition to the hive, as the current podiums are boring


kind of like emotes, animations would just be unlocks that you can get that you can equip to make your skin on the podium do different things

runner ups

under each podium there would be a runner ups section so that others get recognized.

extra XP

you should also get additional XP for being on the podium or being a runner up.


a podium for top players of the month for each minigame, this would not use animations or have runner ups, but it would give extra XP.

animation ideas:
endlotle uprising- enlotles fly you above the podium
sword fighting - slashes sword around
rocket - flies up holding onto a rocket
comment other ideas! :sweat_smile:

the runners-up is kind of unnecessary, the podiums just show the best stats teams and theres not really any reason to show runners-up. extra xp for being on the podium is also unnecessary bc you get xp for almost every way to get on the podium already
I do like the leaderboard thing though, that could be in minihubs and would be great for bw


yeah I guess that’s true… maybe just for ctf though

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Maybe as global unlock through leveling up

you mean the animations as a global unlock?

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Yes in different games but can be used in any game

yeah that’s what i was thinking to…
maybe you get different animations on different games that you can use on any games

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Maybe they could be earned with questpoints!

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