Pls bring the fire sword back and get rid of the ember sword

get rid of ember sword bring back the fire sword

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I think not, because as the fire sword has 100% chance of lighting the opponent on fire, the ember sword has like a 60% chance, which is more fair. The fire sword is just a pain to players who don’t have it, so not a huge fan of this idea. I think that’s why the Hive replaced it with the Embers Sword


i mean thats why they removed it , cussss it was too imbalanced for the game. you can get a sword better than a diamond sword from Emeralds roughly 80% of the time according to potatopie25s video,
compared to diamond ore that is much rarer and which has a muhc lower drop rate of diamond swords not to mention diamond swords are ender-chest loot , The sharp 2 iron is better but its also way more rare in contrast , so ye

but i shouldnt have to rely on rng to get some extra damage in should i

then just, oh, i dont know, nerf the drop rate?

honestly there isnt much of a problem with adding the fire sword, if you nerf the drop rate and damage ever so slightly then it would be fine


shouldnt have to rely on luck to win pvp fights

that’s literally all skywars is lol


ok well that does make sense but i rly miss it

Hive players: Get rid of the fire sword it sux and is unfair!
The Hive: Gets rid of it and replaces with ember sword
Hive players: Bring back the fire sword! Ember sword sux even though it has only a 60% chance of lighting them on fire so It’s not always going to whenever you hit them and it’s a gold sword so it can’t be like a main weapon!

afaik from basic math 1/4 is not 60 percent, it’s 25

well they said 60% so I just put that there…

but ok, sry


I don’t use or encounter people using emberz sword that much which is good however maybe doing what HolyPotato263 suggested would work better, but I personally think that there really isn’t a need for any type of fire sword as it makes it less about rng and if you catch the other person on fire first.