Please change the teaming system

Before you say something like “there’s no such thing as a teaming system,” or “skill issue,” welp. But hear me out.

There has been this annoying common problem with games that involve teaming (treasure wars, sky wars, survival games, but for now I’ll talk about treasure wars). Occasionally, I like to do quests that involve TW, since I find those to be the most fun. Sometimes I would get the quest, “eliminate # teams,” and I would go for duos. Here’s the thing tho. 95% of the time, I don’t even get a teammate to begin with, even if the server has 15/16 players, or even 16/16 players. Sometimes I don’t have any teammates on TRIOS either. I feel like some people out there are also upset with this problem, so please, if there is a way, please fix this problem.

I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m just ranting, but this has been happening to me more times than usual.

Dont worry, you don’t sound like your ranting, all of us have had this issue before.
Here is something splodg3r has said on a previous post:
Post Link: Assured team in team modes - #5

Source: Splod3r "Assured team in team modes - #5"

As much as we’d love it to be, this sadly isn’t possible. Players leave games for a wide variety of reasons, and we have absolutely no control over this.

If you join a team game with a party, you will always have a teammate :slight_smile:

Using the source, there is infact no way the teaming system can be altered unless you join a party, If you want a teammate for quests, ill happily help you! Just dm me on discord if you want to Crystal Hallows#8384

Anyways moving on, the teaming system is designed to put you on a designated spot within the map. Sometimes you may get unlucky and your teammate leaves for “Reason”. However as Splod3r said, they have no control over this.

Team games are made for teams so all you can assume is all people in the game have a party because they are playing with someone else. Thats why its different from solos.

However, this is just my opinion

actually u do get a team mate it sjust the times you dont it stands out more

helps a lot, thank you very much :']

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No problem

hello there :wave:
having no or less teammates than the other team occurs for me also
although if you are doing quest that requires team cooperation, I suggest partying yourself with good people to finish the quest you’re grinding. That’s my suggestion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well if your in a game of duos/other modes and have no teammates whatsoever then just 1v2 other people. The way i do this is:

  • Killing the person that has better gear than the other and try to dodge hits so the weaker one cant kill me
    Or maybe
  • Killing the guy that cant combo (if they have the same amount of loot)

Hope this helps. Happy Hivi- i mean Have a good day :slight_smile: