Player profile. And much more

Player profile. And much more.
(1st idea) Player profile
What’s the use:

  1. You can see your overall statistics for each mini-game in the lobby without going into the mini-game.
  2. You can show your game statistics to your friend.
    How it will work:
  3. The player will be able to see his own statistics through the “hotbar item”
  4. A friend can view his friend’s statistics through the friends list by clicking on the desired friend.
    Additionally: the player will be able to hide his statistics at will.
    (2nd idea) How long the player played in a particular mini-game.
    (3rd idea) online status (busy, online)
    What’s the use:
  5. the player can set the status “busy” (friends will not be able to invite to play together)
  6. online (player can play with friends)
    (4th idea) Overall player rating (rating will be calculated according to player statistics)
    What’s the use:
    See how effective a player is in games.

Ohhhhhhhh so female Minecraft players don’t exist
Jkjk this is a good idea. I like the statistics part of it.

this is already a suggestion, please search for dupes before posting in the future
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