Play Again button in custom servers

Add a play again/new game button at the end of a custom server that on use, creates a new custom server with the same settings as the one that just ended, and transports all players into said server.

This feature would be very useful for when you want to play a certain minigame multiple times in one session.
Yes, the presets feature is great (and would still be useful) but this would be excellent to have.

Extra Details
When you attempt to push the new game button, but don’t have any custom servers remaining, it would simply send a red message stating:

You don’t have any remaining custom servers.
Please wait [time till next day].

As for the actual item to represent the button, this could be the standard heart of the sea, or a comparator as seen in the custom server lobbies.

Rather than returning to the hub once the 15 seconds are over, it would automatically run the new game button, and if the host doesn’t have any remaining custom servers, then you would return to the hub.

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Duplicate Post

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i guess i didn’t use enough word variations…
like seriously?
Private servers?

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