Ping issue

Idea: adding middle east and south asia.

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More information: bcoz there’s lot of people hurting from ping issues same as with me too im currently high ping on every region on hive, adding an more regoins is going help everyone so yea i hope u agree about this hive and ty!

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If you live in Asia and you’re playing in the Asia region, maybe it’s your internet. Try checking that

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yessir i did many times of restarting my internet ,and everthing still good and my ping is still good on every each other server but except hive i had high connection on it

They have information on where players are playing from, they will add regions when there are enough players from there. They have no plans on adding more at the moment, but it will happen if Hive keeps growing. Only time will tell

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Honestly yea true, ty for telling me!

servers are far to expensive for hive to consider this. It’s probably also more fair to add a server in Sydney so those in Australia and New Zealand can enjoy the hive.

Too expensive to build a server at this time - just join the server thats most suitable for you or use an alternate server like cubecraft to play online!

Guys we’re having average 800 ping in South Asia

Why was this topic bumped, it was already stated that Hive won’t add any more regions at the moment.