Ping command

I would really like to have a /ping command in the hive, it would make it so sweaty players like me would see if my internet is doing good or not and if I could improve it.

Its on Zeqa and Cubecraft so I don’t see why not the hive

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This could be good but probably just make it show your ping on the side of the screen cause some people dont have time to type in chat

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If you are on pc,

you can just quickly open command box (Windows+R)
then type “ping” or the ip of any server you want,it will show your ping

Duplicate oof

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It would be cool if you could toggle on a ping display thing so it would show your ping with the UI that the hive already has (next to the kills, and stuff)

oh actual i didnt know that

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Duplicate suggestion, please submit your ideas here - Add a /ping command