Pin post in topics!

Hey it’s me Cosmic and I have a idea
My idea is that the owner of a topic can pin a post that will show up right under the original post I feel like this might be more helpful on private chats more than public post this is just and idea so feedback is appreciated a lot

(I didn’t find anything else like this but I might not look in the right spot lol)


That can be useful in many ways!

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I doubt that this is possible, but idk

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Yeah but still it could have a lot of helpful uses

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I doubt this would be really used, especially since most people don’t even read the original thread, they mainly read the recent post.

Plus, just use Discord for private chat, unless it’s contacting a staff member about something on the forums or questions.

Overalls, if you wanted to add something to the post, just edit the Original thread instead.