Pets in the lobbies

This is in relation to Hive adding pets to the server pretty recently. Firstly I think it is a great idea and tonnes of fun, I have recently purchased a Baby Dragon pet and it is great! However I think it is a mistake that people can only see their pet and activate their pet solely in the hub. This is a problem because the majority of people are in the hub for a max of 2 minutes unless they’re just chilling or doing parkour. Something that I think Hive should add is being able to use your pets in the lobbies of games, not in the games themselves but in the lobbies I think would make the pets so much better.


Did someone already post this message?

Hello! In the future, you can make suggestions in the suggestions category, just be sure to search before to make sure that it hasn’t already been suggested =) Suggestions Category - READ BEFORE POSTING

Also, big welcome to the forums, and thanks for your suggestion! Be sure to vote on suggestion given above :blobheart:


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