Pet should show up next to Player Statue


Alright so after every game there’s always a winners podium. We all know how these work in each game mode. So my idea is if you have a pet, and you have it equipped, if you get on the podium it should show up next to you on the podium. Maybe it could do a little animation, like spinning around the player one time or something.

Also to add on to this, it should show up on the kill leader and other statues around the game.

Thanks to @AwesomeHusky789 for the kill leader statue suggestion, here’s what they said

Just a simple suggestion, thought it would be kinda interesting to see in game

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And if you don’t have a pet you won’t have one on the podium. I just think this would be another cool way to show off your pet.


i think this is a good idea
it shouldn’t be hard to implement since the summoning of the pet is already in the game

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I might make a concept animation for the CuBee and endolotl when I get home

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awwww that would be a cute idea :0 <3

but what size would the pet be? because in MM the podiums seem a bit big to me…

also, where would it go? like would it be standing next to you, or above your head or something else?

but other than that…super cute idea <33


I think it should be spinning around youre head


I’d say right beside your shoulder, so the podium doesn’t take more space above your head

Imagine it would learn to walk and it could waddle around your feet :0


It should probably depend on the pet.

currently all the pets can fly so the Fly Category can just keep circling the Player
ones which can’t fly could just stay on the shoulder like Gabo said.

there could be Pet Animation cosmetics to decide aswell

just-woke-up-and-saying-dumb-stuff so not sure

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