Pet Park In Arcade Hub

My idea is to add a pet park into the arcade hub

In the arcade hub there are some small parks that can be found

Leap of faith parkour park

Other random park

I suggest that hive either build or turn one of these existing parks into a pet park
(also if one of these was changed into a pet park a mailbot would have to be moved)
The way the pet park would work is anyone who has a pet is able to enter
Im unsure if pet rock owners should be allowed in. over 300,000 players own them, so I’ll let others decide

  • Pet rocks can go in pet park
  • Pet rocks CANT go in pet park

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Inside the pet park there is both simple and cosmetic stuff for your pets
Such as food (hive could add eating and drinking animation) water, beds that you can put your pet to stay in, toys that they will retrieve for you, and MORE!
when your at the pet park you can choose to leave the pet there by placing it in a bed, idk why anyone would wanna do this but I think it would be a cute feature,
Cubee pet bed

Currently a lot of people find the price of pets to be unreasonable
Adding a pet park could give more value in the pets, because it gives a better reason to buy them
Please give feedback and ideas on this :slight_smile:
Brought to you by- a hive hub rat

I might design a concept of what this could look like to explain this better


Hmm im kinda halted with this
I dunno whether to vote or not
Hopefully your concept design changes that

Oh and I think that the rock shouldn’t be able to go in as it’s primary purpose is as the April fools joke

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The idea seems relatively solid but idk why I’d leave my pet to sleep somewhere when I can click on them and put it away.

The whole sleep mechanic is more for cuteness than actual use
If I didn’t need my pet while I was in hub I think it would be great if other players could see it sleep in a tiny house

That would cause many problems if you’re talking about the rock pet.

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I really like this idea, it would be really fun!

That’s why I put a vote on the rock pet :slight_smile:

i like that @MasterJim7930

I like the idea, more features in the hub is always a cool thing imo

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Bump for more peoples to see :slight_smile:

I agree that there should be more use for the pets as they’re mainly for following you to hub.

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