Pet menu translation bug report [German]

Affected Language:

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Pet Menu (By trying to rename your pet if you have a rename-pass)

Affected Text:
1 Pässe verfügbar

Suggested Text:
1 Pass/Pässe verfügbar
1 Pass verfügbar

Explanation of Issue:
“Pässe” is the plural form of “Pass” but since I had just one “Pass” the plural form is wrong. With the first suggestion you would have the singular and plural form in it. The second suggestion would only work if the server could detect how many rename passes I have and could change the text between the plural and singular text.

Screenshots and/or video:

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion!

As this error is mainly down to a limitation within the code (there not being different plural/singular strings), we’ll be keeping this as it is right now, to keep things clean. We may add a singular string in the future.