Pet Concept: Cloud Sheep!

A small baby sheep that floats around on a cloud with variant particles/effects

This would be a different model from the actual baby sheep but probably have a similar size. This Sheep would have 2 costumes.

Grey Sheep: a grey sheep that seems sadder that rides a Dark grey cloud instead that has rain effects that come from it

Jeb_ Sheep: it is a regular sheep but it changes color slowly and omits small rainbow particles coordinating with the colors that it is changing to. (This can come with the Cloud Sheep pet or only if you name it Jeb_)

Yes pleaseee :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: that sounds so cute


I believe it would be a very sweet idea and a very sweet pet.
It will be even more beautiful if a sheep-themed hat and costume are added.


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Agreed. A sheep hat to go with it similar to the endolotl would be super cool!

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