Permanent Quest Master Costume

A costume obtainable from Quest Master that is permanent.
Currently, there are monthly costumes that are 1000 QP each, but I think it’d be cool to have a permanent one for a little bit more.

Every month, a new costume is released that costs 1000 QP, and it stays for a month before leaving forever, but I think we should have one that is permanent, but costs much more. I think this could cost 2500, 5000, or maybe even 10000 QP.
Now, what would this costume be, or who? Well, I think the costume should the Quest Master himself. Another person that I think it could be is the NPC that you can click on at spawn that says “My Unlocks.” We have the region changer as a costume, so why not have him?
This is just a little idea that I think would be cool, let me know what you think! :DD

maybe it be the master himself


10K seems a little much. 5K could be fair


That will make someone go crazy consistent at playing just to reach 5k qps oh gosh


This is my opinion but I think it would be to easy to get. To get costumes now, you have to play and “work” for it. I think your idea could work well but I prefer the feeling that I worked for it, before it goes away