People who get over level 20 on all games get something really big on each game

PLEASE permanently add turfwars it’s so fun and would make your amazing server even better!!

Considering it died both times towards the end as a ltm this would probably be a bad idea on the hive’s part, obviously people still enjoyed it but yeah.


A lot of people played it for the costume, so I think if added an amazing costume for this game, people would spend a ton of time grinding to max level, but after that, the game would start dyeing. So it might work good for the first couple months, but after that it would die out.

I think what they meant to say was that it was a duplicate suggestion…

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Oh I think that’s true so maybe just for Halloween when it’s Halloween we can make it Halloween addition then take it down!!

They already have a Halloween LTM, and having basically the same game for all three holiday LTMs, is well, boring.

put it in the voting system in mixed arcade

Now this is something I would vote for!