Pedestal For The Player With The Most Kills In Pvp Games:

This is a very simple suggestion but one that I feel would be great for a variety of reasons. To start off the idea is this once a game in Skywars, Treasure Wars, or Survival games is over there is the lobby that shows the winning teams with three pedestals. The idea is to add a fourth pedestal showing the player with the most kills out of both teams…

**1)**People that essentially carried their team could feel proud of their achievements.

**2)**People that get insanely high kill games would have a easier way to screenshot their feat and it would look far cooler than simply taking a picture of your results from the game.

**1)**Does this suggestion really warrant the necessary time the devs would have to spend changing all of the lobbies and reworking the code?

**2)**Would this encourage kill farming/spawn killing players for bragging rights? (Honestly I don’t think it would)

So there it is my suggestion for adding a fourth pedestal please tell what you think of my idea and vote for it if you like it. Also if you want to hear me talk a bit more in-depth about this idea check out this video here > > > [Lowkey don’t know if posting Youtube links is allowed so please inform me if its not immediately so I can remove it]

Galaxite does something like this and I like it (they also show a statue of who got the most iron though for some reason lmao)

I like this idea. Gives players some pride in helping their team and is a nice bonus