PBMM for Murder Mystery

I know that hive has said that they wouldn’t add pbmm to non-pvp games, but I feel that murder mystery should be an exception. Everything else equal (which it’s not), the ability to press a button and immediately enter 3rd person makes the game very unfair towards mobile players. 3rd person allows people to survive longer, wait at corners unseen to avoid the murderer, and see over things like on the spaceship map.

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I don’t play pocket edition but I think when they’re adding the new controls, there is going to be a button to switch perspective.

Edit: nvm they don’t but I think you can just download a texture pack if it’s such a big problem (not the ideal solution ofc but a temporary fix)

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AFAIK, theres no way to switch perspectives on touch mobile rn without opening settings and doing it from there. Not even the new controls (which suck, btw, theyre just worse controller controls) have a perspective change button.
I have yet to find a client that allows it that doesnt suck in some other way either. ty tho. But also, one shouldn’t need to rely on clients and texture packs to fix a problem, the problem should be fixed for all vanilla people as well. Either enable pbmm for murder mystery or get mojang to add a perspective toggle to mobile touch.

Of course, there are still other massive disparities between mobile touch and the other methods of playing. For example, mobile touch users can’t sprint in mid-air nor down stairs. Another example, when we sprint jump we have to tap the button for each jump, and if we tap it too early it just doesn’t jump (So we’re just slower than all the other platforms). This isn’t even taking the shooting delay between the other platforms (its a button, so almost instantanious) and mobile (press and hold for half a second to draw ur bow).


You can vote for it to be added to the vanilla game here btw

Great idea! It is kinda a pvp game since it has bows and a sword so…

It takes longer to switch from nothing to a sword and the other way around which means you are more likely to be caught as murderer if you are on mobile as compared to other platforms. People have already said stuff about movement and bows.

It would be nice to see PBMM be added to Murder Mystery.

As much as the idea is nice on paper, it would split the queue up, thereby increase player waiting time. There is a major advantage in a game such as skywars, treasure wars, and the other heavy pvp games. Murder Mystery has a similar platform advantage to that of games like GroundWars, Hide and Seek, Deathrun, and Block Drop, and it isn’t near the advantage like those games that are under PBMM.
If you have any questions, feel free to DM me and I’ll be happy to assist.

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