Party Spam Invites Discussion

hey , i’m a youtuber with 1.1k subscribers and i deal with this issue everyday , please add a cooldown


i believe you can disable party invite notifications by doing /toggles in chat :slight_smile:


This suggestion is to have a cooldown, I suggest voting for it so it’s more likely to be noticed.

Yeah but he probably wants to get invites from his friends and just doesn’t water to be spammed


I’m pretty sure there is an option to not receive invites. Also there is a similar problem on the Mineplex SMP because everytime your name appears on the chat(Death messages included) and if you have teleport requests enabled then you are most likely gonna get spammed with TP requests

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doesn’t /p ignore [username] work? im not compleatly sure tho

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I think there should be a setting where you only receive party invites from your friends, because even if the cool down goes to 5 seconds, people will still be spammed with invites.

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