Party Chat Command!

A short command like /pchat or /pc to talk to only your party.

Everyone has wanted to be able to talk to their party only instead of the whole server at least once before. Currently on Hive Bedrock there is no way to do so, and I believe there should be. Popular Minecraft servers have the capability of talking to your party using /pchat, /partychat, and /pc.

It would be useful in sweaty games where you need to talk to your teammates, but don’t want to talk to everyone else in the server. Yes, I know you can do this using discord, but what about for those that don’t have discord?

Sadly this isn’t allowed by Microsoft’s policy… They are making swarms with ‘private’ chat though…

I was gonna say tHis Is A DuPlicAtE sUgGesTiOn


wyd here mr shine :eyes: