Party chat change

bring back /p and change the chat into /pc or /chattoggle or smth

/p chat could toggle the chat thing, or they could put it in the /toggles menu

Wait they removed /p to shorten /party? That’s very dumb. They should have a command to change between party and all chat like on hypixel, example /chat party
So when you chat it’s automatically party chat
And /chat global/all
So it’s automatically global chat


id prefer /pc and /gc

party chat and global chat. you don’t wanna be typing /chat party in the middle of the game

or maybe just some prefix before the text u want everyone to see, such a s Hypixel’s /shout

You’re not gonna be switching from party chat and global all the time are you? And if you are there should be /shout if you’re in party chat and want to send a message to everyone.

yh, i put that in the previous post

I agree, removing /p as a shortened version of /party is just dumb and will cause confusion.


I already asked, they should be adding a toggle in the future. This is just an Experimental test as stated on the update blog. I 100% agree that they need a toggle for it.

Can’t wait for swarms… :partying_face:


will it be a toggle or just a prefix like hypixel’s /shout? cos it might get annoying to keep typing commands to switch between global chat and party chat

I’ve played hypixel before and switching between party chat and global chat is very annoying

On Hypixel you can just do /pc to type in part chat. Or you can entirely switch over to party chat if you want, I think the hive should have this system.

Mine is weird I have to do /o chat every time I wanna say something to my party