Parties and FR broken

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
I’d say a global issue for me. More of a social backend bug.

What is the bug?
~I can not receive or send out party invites and friends request.
~ People can send me friend request but I am not able to see them, even when I open my friends list.
~When people invite me to parties it tells them I’m offline. Relogging and restarting doesn’t work.
~ It works the first time I get on Hive then when I log off and log back on it breaks, or if the party gets disbanded.

Has been like this for over a month, I waited to see if it would get fixed.
Device(s) & Version
Windows 10 & v1.18.12 x86

Screenshots and/or video:



Thanks for taking the time to submit this bug report. We have already taken note of this particular issue, and a fix is being worked on.

You may continue to experience this issue until the fix is finished and deployed. Rest assured; it is being worked on. You can also relog a few times and eventually the features will begin to work properly again.

Hope you have a wonderful day! :blobheart: